Monday, 22 February 2016

Month 1 Project

As stated in a previous post, this year I'm picking a random project each month to work on and, as our house move is just round the corner now, I thought it was time to choose the first one, for the month of March. 

I decided to list 6 potential projects and then let a die decide the outcome. The idea is that these will all be things I want to work on, but I can drop the one selected after it has been worked on and replace it with something new if I like. To start with I picked: 

1 Judge Dredd
2 Rogue Trader
3 Muskets and Tomahawks
4 Flintloque 
5 Land Ironclads
6 Mars Attacks

One die roll later and my fate for March was decided: Mars Attacks!

So the question is, what to paint! As the idea is to paint something new and play a game with the selected project, it seemed to make sense to paint the forces for the first scenario in the rule book. That would be 5 Martians and 8 U.S. Soldiers. As that leaves me not too short of a squad on each side, I decided to up this to 10 Martians and 10 Humans. So now I'm looking at:

As each squad has the same paint scheme, it should hopefully not be too tricky to paint these in a batch. Let's see how we go!