Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Painting Challenge. Complete! (And new projects)

Well, the challenge has been completed! The picture above is of the finished army (sorry for the poor lighting).

So... time for a new project. I have been meaning to play more Victorian Sci-Fi for a while now and have everything I need to get started. My aim is to use the following with the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules:

  • 20 British soldiers (Zulu War period)
  • 2 British officers
  • Mina Harker
  • Allan Quatermain
  • 1 steam tank
  • A bunch of plastic dinosaurs.

This should be everything I need for a dino hunting game (and probably a bit more!). I have a 30 day deadline for this as that is when my trial runs out on Comic Life. Comic Life is a handy bit of software that allows you to design comic pages using your photos. I put together the below in a couple of minutes using pics from my last LotR game. (Apologies for the 'ferry' typo, I didn;t check before I exported it.) I'm hoping this software will be a good way of producing interesting battle reports, especially for skirmish type games.

So that's it for now. After this I am toying with a modern project using Force on Force, but I'll have to see how that goes...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Painting Challenge. 0 days remaining

Well, what a difference a day makes! 8 of the 12 elements are fully complete. The remainder (3xCv 1xCvGen) are painted and partially based. I just need to finish the basing and varnish them, which should not take too long.

With a bit of luck they will all be finished by 5.30pm tomorrow when I depart for the club! I'll varnish the Cv elements first thing so they have time to dry. Then all I need to do is paint, shade and apply grass to the bases.

Job done! Phew. Now what's the next project?!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Painting Challenge. 1 day remaining

Here we go! A fair bit of progress today. As you can see from the picture, 8 elements are now painted and stuck on their bases. They just need a quick ink wash and varnish. I was hoping to get the bases complete too, but that might be a bonus depending on how tomorrow goes. They may just have to make to with a base coat like the Art, Ps and Bw elements.

That said, I only have 4 elements left to finish and they are well under way! Who knows what might happen tomorrow!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painting Challenge. 2 days remaining

Some progress made today. All of the figures are now at least undercoated. Some more work done on the infantry elements and most of the horses painted.

However... the big error of the day came to light when I noticed that my small pot of black paint was in fact gloss paint... I had undercoated most of the cavalry before I realised. I checked to see if they were dry and noticed they were more shiny than they should be.

Nothing to be done about it at this point. It isn't so bad once other paint is put on, but it is annoying. I'm also running low on dark brown. Hopefully there will be time tomorrow to go to the shop to pick up more paint.

I hope to complete a lot more of the painting tomorrow. That will leave time on Monday for making sure they are based and varnished.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Painting Challenge. 3 days remaining

Here is a view of the work area in my man-cave at approximately 21:10 today. As you can see, I have cleaned and superglued the Lh and Cv and undercoated a few of the others. Not the most triumphant of starts, but something is better than nothing.

Hopefully the glue will dry okay and I can get up early tomorrow to undercoat the army...

Painting Challenge. 4 days remaining

Those of you who know anything about me will be aware that I am a slow painter. I usually need a little motivation to get things going. Fortunately a new buddy of mine has come to my aid.

A challenge has been set, one which may make you laugh, but really demonstrates just how awful I am at getting my lead decorated. Mr G has challenged me to paint my DBA Ottoman army by Tuesday and I am to bring the evidence to the club that evening.

There are two main problems:

1) I have not even undercoated most of it yet.
2) It is a predominantly horse army, meaning I have more area to cover than I might like.

I will post updates here with my progress, along with pictures for evidence.

Can I succeed at this challenge? I'm going to try my hardest!