Monday, 24 July 2017

Black Powder Slaughterloo

I've recently had the opportunity to reorganise my Flintloque collection, partly due to some nicely discounted plastic storage I was able to buy, and also because of a new 'do something with it or sell it' policy I've adopted. It has got to the point where I just don't have the space or time to devote to projects I am not really that interested in, so I have decided to be firmer with myself. I'm going to work through my projects and ask myself if I would be happy painting something for it right now. If I wouldn't then I clearly don't have much love for it and it needs to go. Fortunately, the Flintloque range doesn't fall into this category, so I have been able to paint a few more commanders to play a game or two of Black Powder.

As a big fan of the Flintloque miniatures and the Black Powder rules, I have wanted to combine the two for a while now and have been working on the stats for the various armies. As the setting is very similar to history, most troop types can be taken from the Albion Triumphant supplements, with a few adjustments to account for the more 'fantasy' elements. I plan to eventually put all of this together in a PDF, but it is still early days and I need to play a few games first.