Monday, 8 October 2012

This is what I have to put up with...

So, following on from my last post I'm exciting about being focused on a couple of projects and prioritising them, but there is one slight obstacle to overcome... my filthy man cave....

Okay, that sounds a bit dodgy, but you know what I mean. Once more the place is a mess, so as a motivation I have decided to show you all the extent of what I am dealing with. Along with useful annotations! (Hopefully you can see the letters I have added in red...)

To start, the left side of the table. Usually reserved for figures I am working on or a secondary project. Currently, it is occupied by:

A) My Starship Troopers project. Not stalled, exactly, but it has sort of become swallowed up by the mess of the rest of the table so it is almost indistinguishable. I could do with finding storage for the figures and freeing up the tray from assorted paints and half finished hedgerows so I can use it for other things.

B) A plastic tower which has been there for months. A SST Brainbug which is far too big for 15mm. A unit of Warhammer Beastmen who don't currently have a home. Small plastic bags from various models. The lesson from this is not to use my table as a dumping ground for things I should really put away as soon as possible.

C) Paints, toothpicks, dice and, errrrrr, a shot glass for absolutely no reason whatsoever except that I once put some water in it to dip my brushes in....

If you thought that was bad, the right side just gets worse...:

A) Recent eBay acquisitions I have not done anything with.
B) A bag of counters I am too lazy to put away
C) Tape, glue, water. There for the same reason the counters are...
D) Bits and pieces. There are a cut up Dalek and Weeping Angel which are going to be made into objective markers for a Doctor Who game I have been planning.
E) Barrow-wights, old Citadel Chaos Dwarf Bazuka Team, spooky trees and left over WW1 I was unable to sell on eBay.
F) A Gondorian Knight Standard Bearer which I bought from a friend but have done nothing with (you know, like almost everything else here...)
G) A hidden treasure! Two packs of old WEG Indiana Jones Miniatures. I don't want to sell these, but keeping them means I should really paint them, which in turn means I need to buy a bunch of Nazis for Indy to fight! (The potential new projects never end!)

I did have some more pictures, but they are less interesting and merely add to the horror. I really need to find the time to tidy this up so I can get cracking on projects again. The rest of the room is covered in boxes of games and DVDs. Unfortunately these act as convenient platforms for me to deposit rules, modelling materials, boxes of figures etc etc, so it isn't even like the table is all I need to deal with.

So, urge me on with whatever words you deem appropriate. I can only hope some of you have a similar problem and I am not alone in this terrible situation!

Friday, 5 October 2012

New season new rules...

I don't think I am the only one, but when the season  changes I always feel like playing a different/new game or revisiting one I haven't played for a while. At the moment this looks like the following list:

  1. Pirates
  2. Gothic Horror
  3. French & Indian War
When I think about it, there is usually a reason for certain games coming to the fore of my mind. Pirates is there due to Monkey Island. I got this game as a child for my Birthday one October and the first section, set in a perpetual night on Melee Island, has always has always had a wintry feel for me.

Gothic Horror is a new one for me, due to having just returned from a holiday in Whitby (Anyone who does not know why this should be the case should google Dracula). We had a fantastic time and left wanting to go back as there was so much more to see. I'm going to hold fire on this at the moment though as I am not sure any of the current horror rules really meet my needs (open to suggestions if anyone has them though).

Finally, the French & Indian War. Again, a slightly convoluted reason for this, but it (again) stems from my childhood and memories of watching episodes of Hawkeye with my Dad before going out to help rake up the fallen autumn leaves.

It is this last one where I succumbed, aided in no small part my the arrival of an email from Maelstrom games giving a whopping 30% off. So I paid about £8 for the "This Very Ground" rules from Iron Ivan. I think that is entirely justifiable for that price. I'm not even sure I will actually get round to playing them, but perhaps at some point....

In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying the new X-Wing game from FFG. I have yet to play a 'real' game yet, but the solo learning games I have played have been good fun. Here's a picture to prove it!

I have also been loving selling old things on eBay as it means I could plonk down the cash for several ships without feeling the pain in my bank account! It takes a bit of getting used to for a game hoarder like me, but the results are well worth it!