Sunday, 4 March 2012

Heroes and Villains

Time for another update on my Doctor Who project. I've managed to make a little progress around everything else taking up my time, so have a few figures to show you now.

First up the bad guys...

Delete... Delete!
These Cybermen will make up one of the player forces available in the scenario. Apologies to any purists upset by mixing of different 'eras' of Cyberman, but too bad. The paint job turned out out and was ridiculously easy. Gun metal coat and a black wash. Job done.

You must be washed....!
I'm basically addicted to washes, and hopefully the picture above shows why. The figure in the middle is pre-wash, the ones to the left and right are post-wash, although still drying. As someone who finds painting quite tedious, I use black and brown washes to make my painting look semi-decent!

Here are a couple more baddies:

Okay, so I would prefer classic Daleks, but these guys were cheap on eBay and I wanted to try them out. I regret the lighter grey on them as I was thinking it would darken more after the wash. But good grief, painting all the 'bobbles' on them was a bit of a drag!

Anyway, these are going to be a possible non-player force, brought into play by the scenario specific event deck I have created. If they appear they will be 'damaged', meaning they'll move around pretty randomly terrorising everyone!

Okay, on to some good guys now... First up is Harry Sullivan, UNIT medic and Doctor's companion:

I'd have preferred darker trousers, but I'm quite happy with him. Of course, for those Doctor Who fans among you, this will pretty much have given away my choice of Doctor, so without further ado, here is the great man himself:

Yup, the Fourth Doctor. So choosing Tom Baker may be a bit of a cliche, but he was pretty awesome. I'm quite pleased with how this figure turned out.

Still on the table: UNIT troops and several other companions. Tune in later for further updates.


  1. Excellent work Chris; washes are definitely the way to go. Been as old as I am, Tom Baker will always be the true Doctor as far as I am concerned!

    1. Thanks. Tom Baker is indeed great! Trouble is, now I have one painted I want to get them all! ;)

  2. Really nice Chris. Washes help out I'm learning that washes help out a great deal :D. Nice work on the doctor the scarf's turned out really nice

    1. Thanks. They certainly speed up the process for me. I'm all about achieving the best effect for the least effort, and this lets me produce figures I'm quite happy with resonably quickly!

  3. Nice painting Chris, love the Tom Baker figure, but where are his jelly babies??

    1. Hi Ray. The jelly babies are in the bag in his right hand! I painted purple, orange and green ones, which you should be able to see if you zoom into the picture!

      The Doctor needs his jelly babies!

    2. Yah, but Jelly babies are gross. I tried some, because I am a big 4th Doctor fan. But they are just awful.

    3. Sir, jelly babies are a great British institution and I won't hear a bad word spoken about them! For shame!


    4. I think jelly 'babes' are an entirely different matter... ;)

  4. They look brilliant!!!

    5th doctor is my favourite though! :-)

    And yes, Jelly Babies are delicious, but Jelly Babes are even more so! lol