Friday, 5 October 2012

New season new rules...

I don't think I am the only one, but when the season  changes I always feel like playing a different/new game or revisiting one I haven't played for a while. At the moment this looks like the following list:

  1. Pirates
  2. Gothic Horror
  3. French & Indian War
When I think about it, there is usually a reason for certain games coming to the fore of my mind. Pirates is there due to Monkey Island. I got this game as a child for my Birthday one October and the first section, set in a perpetual night on Melee Island, has always has always had a wintry feel for me.

Gothic Horror is a new one for me, due to having just returned from a holiday in Whitby (Anyone who does not know why this should be the case should google Dracula). We had a fantastic time and left wanting to go back as there was so much more to see. I'm going to hold fire on this at the moment though as I am not sure any of the current horror rules really meet my needs (open to suggestions if anyone has them though).

Finally, the French & Indian War. Again, a slightly convoluted reason for this, but it (again) stems from my childhood and memories of watching episodes of Hawkeye with my Dad before going out to help rake up the fallen autumn leaves.

It is this last one where I succumbed, aided in no small part my the arrival of an email from Maelstrom games giving a whopping 30% off. So I paid about £8 for the "This Very Ground" rules from Iron Ivan. I think that is entirely justifiable for that price. I'm not even sure I will actually get round to playing them, but perhaps at some point....

In other news, I have been thoroughly enjoying the new X-Wing game from FFG. I have yet to play a 'real' game yet, but the solo learning games I have played have been good fun. Here's a picture to prove it!

I have also been loving selling old things on eBay as it means I could plonk down the cash for several ships without feeling the pain in my bank account! It takes a bit of getting used to for a game hoarder like me, but the results are well worth it!


  1. I recently read Bram Stokers Dracula its amazing how much you misunderstand having only watched the movie. What sort of horror do you want todo?

    1. Both my wife and I bought copies while on holiday! Just had to be done really. I also bought a book entitled Gothic Whitby but only while flicking through it on the last day did I realise it had a whole chapter dedicated to a walking tour taking you round all the places mentioned in the novel and desribing what happened at each. Never mind, will do that next time!

      As for what kind of horror, I'm pretty open. I was thinking more Victorian/gothic this time round, although I'd like to do Cthulhu skirmish now that Khurasan have some neat looking 15mm for that. For Victorian I'd look at Chaos in Carpathia, for Cthulhu I'd look at Strange Aeons. The only thing with SA that I get from reading it is that I find the idea that all the 'good' characters are Threshold agents a bit off putting. I'd prefer more flexibility. But that is just a first impression. CiC I don't know to much about, if I'm honest. OH, and I aleady play zombie horror. :)

      So, yeah, they are just a couple of brief thoughts. Oh, and I would not be interested in any of the 'boutique' style skirmish games which seems quite popular/common at the moment.

    2. Cool, They have a lot of cool Pulp figures which could be used for Victorian type games. The Chick with the shotgun is a favourite.

    3. I'll have to check them out. The only 'problem' is that when I hit the victorian peroid things can get out of hand. Gothic Horror, Colonials, African Exploration... so many things I can do with the figures. :)

  2. Great choices for he new season, certainly goy me hooked.

    1. Thanks. I'll probably paint up some more pirates at some point and give them another outing. Still trying to decide which my favourite rules are... I want to say Flashing Steel but am waiting for the alleged ship rules to come out. I need my boarding actions!