Friday, 18 January 2013

Babylon 5 Campaign - Intro

Feeling inspired by my recent foray into space gaming (see last post), I pulled out my copy of the Babylon 5 version of A Call to Arms and played a couple of games. It went well, so I decided to take a step up and play a campaign using the rules included (note, at this point I am using the Revised 1st Edition, not the 2nd Edition).

I decided to set it during the Narn - Centauri war of 2259, as that was where we were pretty much up to in rewatching the show.

Using the tables in the rules, I rolled up the "Mi'Tal system", which I decided was at the border of Narn occupied space. There were 7 points of strategic interest:

  • Gas Giant
  • Industrial Settled World
  • Dead World
  • Jump Gate Alpha
  • Agrarian Settled World
  • Jump Gate Sigma
  • Agrarian Settled World

I drew a small map for reference, but have yet to name all the planets.

Then I selected 10 Fleet Allocation points worth of ships at Battle Level, which I would have listed here, but I've already rubbed out the ones which got destroyed in the first battle!

The first moves saw the Centauri and the Narn each take control of a Jump Gate, making it easier for them to call for reinforcements as the campaign progresses. The second turn saw the first battle take place for control of the Industrial World in the system.

I will add links to battle reports to the 'Babylon 5 Campaign' page and update information on locations held by each side there.

The last thing to mention is that all games will be played using the absolutely vast number of counters supplied in the Revised Edition box set. This is an absolute blessing given that the ships are now out of production and the ones that appear on eBay seem to be going for around £10-£20 each....

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