Thursday, 14 March 2013


This post is a bit of an aside as it is not about my usual wargaming antics, but I just feel like writing about it. Monsterpocalypse is an out of production collectible miniatures game from Privateer Press. I came to it a little late in the day which has a bit of an advantage in that I didn't end up spending lots of money on it! On the other hand, it is now very hard to expand my collection. And that makes me sad.

I only own a two-player starter set, but what sets it apart from a lot of other CMGs is that it feels like a complete game in itself. For those who do not know, Monsterpocalypse sees two monsters battle it out over an urban landscape, supported by smaller units aligned to them. These monsters vary from giant robots, apes and dinosaurs to Martians and Cthulhu type monsters, catering to every taste.

But aside from the variety, theme and surprising depth of game-play, the game just looks fantastic. (Sorry for the glare on the board, I lay some perspex over the paper maps when I play.)

The Martian menace advances
A helicopter swoops across the urban landscape.

Sky Sentinel protects the humans from the alien invaders

Woosh! Boom! Zap!

Saucers advance on a nuclear power plant
So anyway, I just stopped by to post a few pictures. And if anyone is looking to sell any Monsterpocalypse stuff, drop me a message!


  1. That looks like seriously good fun Chris.

    1. It's by far my favourite giant monster game. :)