Sunday, 9 March 2014

What's on my table (and a request for naming help!)

Gaming time has been a bit on the sparse side recently. As a result I decided to get on with some painting and have once again found myself mired in the 'multiple projects on the go' problem! This has had a 'vicious circle' effect in that it means the table is taken over with various bits of painting, making it even less likely for me to get any gaming done. I really need to limit myself at any given time to what I can fit on a tray!

Here's what's happening at the moment. From left to right (roughly):

  • Riot police waiting to have their shields attached. These are for modern zombie gaming, but will find use in near future sci fi and other games I'm sure.
  • Lizardman Saurus. One of 6 that I have. He's going to lead the skinks that I am working on.
  • Modern cops and US military. Also for zombie games. I am wanting to get a minimal amount of law enforcement and military done so I can start a proper campaign.
  • AWI British. These four, a freebie from a mate, are heading for the Caribbean to prevent my pirates from running amok
  • Flintloque Freach light infantry section. These chaps were found for me at a reasonable price by another friend. All painted and just wanting rebasing. I need to varnish them and apply some basing material to blend in with what was already there and they are good to go.
  • Lizardmen Skinks. While these might find their way into my Warhammer games, what is prompting their painting is my need for a native force for pirate games. At some point I'll probably want human natives, but for now these are a cost effective alternative.
So really I have three projects on the table I guess. Pirates, Zombies and Fantasy Napoleonics! At the moment I will probably get the figures for Pirates done first, so you can expect some swashbucking adventures in the near future.

But the main point of this post is actually to ask for a bit of help. My blog, you see, has a rather boring name. Even my wife, who is usually intrigued by my hobby endeavors finds it not up to my usual standards of imagination... So I really want to change it. Perhaps some facts will help...?
  • Most of my gaming is done solo
  • I enjoy rules by Two Hour Wargames the most but will play almost anything
  • I can't help but get distracted my new projects (yeah... FIW coming here soon!)
  • I strongly dislike having to paint figures and consider myself primarily a gamer
  • Following on from point 3, I have a wide range of games I collect for
I'm sure there is more, or perhaps you chaps have got an impression of me from my blog that I am unaware of (and would no doubt be interested to hear! I think...)

So if any of this prompts you to think of a new name for my blog, or if you have any other ideas, please post in the comments!


  1. Baltars blog?

    I know, I know, you just want to get away from being known as a character, but I think it's pretty unique that an actor in a sci-fi series actually likes sci-fi stuff!

    My two cents :)

    1. Maybe it would help if I appeared in more TV shows that were, you know, actually good like BSG was. But hey, not being in demand leaves me more time for wargaming and doing a few conventions helps the 'paint and lead fund'.

  2. Wargaming with Chris
    Chris goes Solo
    Solo Wargaming Fun
    Gaming without Painting
    Wargaming all the Realms
    Projects Unfinished
    Wargaming Diverse and Solo
    Chris the Wargamer
    Crisis Chris's Solo Hobby Projects
    I am Wargaming


    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Gavin! Food for thought there!

  3. A goodly selection of stuff. I particularly like the idea of pirates exploring a tropical swamp and encountering lizardmen. Very imaginative!

    As for the blog name, here are some ideas for you. Even if these aren't all the greatest, perhaps they'll spark something useful :-) :
    - CJ's Game-o-rama
    - Playing with Myself (hmm, maybe not)
    - On the Table
    - One Game at a Time
    - Gotta Game them All!
    - Games and Painting, Oh My!

    1. Hopefully you'll see pirates fighting lizardmen pretty soon! And thanks for the suggestions. Everything helps. Well, except for 'Playing with myself' maybe. :)

  4. Lots of cool stuff going on then. Look forward to seeing your law enforcement officials.

    No Idea about the blog name tbh what about Chris's Flitting Figures?

    1. Cheers, Simon! I'm hoping it will all be done soon and there will be some interesting game reports shortly after!

      Seems like my figures are definitely 'flitting'!

  5. A couple of Blog Name Ideas:

    -Chris Plays By Himself
    -Solo Delights
    -Solo Gaming: Not For Loners
    -Lonely Gamers' Corner
    -Gaming by Myself
    -Minis for the Non-Painter
    -Just One More Game

    You can't have The Scattergun Gamer - that one's already mine.

    1. Thank you, Sir! But why is it that all the best ideas are taken?! Although I don't recall that actually being the name if your blog??!!

  6. Replies
    1. A slight overestimate, but I'm getting there! ;)