Thursday, 15 May 2014

Slaughterloo Painting Challenge (65 days remaining)

Alas, progress has been slow! I blame this mostly on the weather. It has been pretty bad this week, to the extent that it rained on most of the times I could have gone outside to spray undercoat my figures. Annoying. Yesterday was a bit brighter though, so I was able to sort out the Todoroni Militia and the Elf Line which needed doing. On the other hand, I was only able to do a little more in the evening. And tonight I thought I'd update my bog instead!

On the plus side I took advantage of the poor weather to think about my force organisation. The 'first draft' did not take into account the C-in-C and General, so these have now been added and the rest of the force resized accordingly. The upshot of this is that it is now starting to resemble a force I feel happy with, rather than a hodgepodge of any figures I had in my collection. 


I have lost two crew from the cannon and also got rid of the Light Infantry. Using four of the Lights, I increased the Militia to a unit of 12, hopefully making them slightly more robust. The General in my army is a Todoroni ranked as 'inept' (what else?!), the figure comes from the Goyah set (review pending!) and looks suitably pompus/unable to command!


The Ferach saw some alteration as well. One of the Line units lost two figures and I halved the figures in the Light Infantry. One thing I was not prepared to lose was the cavalry and you can see they have now been joined by command figures which arrived today. The general is a free Elf officer. Yes, that's right, free! Alternative Armies will give you two free figures if you request the free version of Flintloque and place an order using the code contained therein. Nice!

So a fair few changes to the army, but it has eliminated some of the painting and made it feel like a more coherent force than just all the figures I have thrown together!

On the other side of things I have developed a long list of secondary tasks which I have to complete by the deadline. I need to make counters for the game, as well as print the command decks and reference sheets. I also need to buy some boards to lay on top of the table in the study, as it is only really the right size for skirmish games and will not do Slaughterloo justice!

I also took the opportunity to change the lighting! This has been a long time coming and much needed. Oh the responsibilities of hosting this event!

Before (not so bright)
After (much better!)

Anyway, that's it for now, but I assure you that the next update will include much more painting and fewer pictures of illumination!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tony. I just need to really crack on with the painting now, but it is all achievable!

  2. Cool mate. They do look more organised. But it's not going to help you, oh no! :-D ;-D

    1. Wait until they're painted and looking splendid. After all, it's impressive uniforms which win battles. Or so my Todoroni friend tells me...