Monday, 14 June 2010

Time for an update

Time for an update... although in truth there is not a lot...

Painting!: Have been caught up with other things recently, so not had much time for painting. Various figures are in progress, but not fully complete. I am hoping for a burst of activity soon. I did undercoat 3 WW1 Brits though... Not very impressive.

Vikings!: A visit to York has caused me to succum to the lure of Vikings again. Finding out more about the larger battles they fought has banished all thoughts of 28mm from my mind and my Viking project will definately be in 15mm. Added to that is the fact that I found I can build 500 point blocks of Vikings and Saxons for WAB at not too great a cost thanks to Donnington Miniatures. Should be good as long as they are of similar standard to their Wallachians.

Battletech!: I dug out my Battletech box set the other day. Although not strictly speaking a miniatures game, I have a friend who may be interested in moving Mechs around large hexmaps, so it is probably worth painting some of the 25 plastic figures that come with the game. Should be quite easy to do.

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