Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Currently painting up 9 Dunedain for my latest project!

I have recently been building up my collection of Lord of the Rings figures and sourcebooks. My plan is to play though the 3 campaigns matching the books/films, painting the figures and making the terrain as I go. This should be an interesting project to undertake and also make for an interesting solo gaming experience, with an interesting narrative replacing repetative one-off battles.

Scenario 1: The Hunt Begins, takes place after Sauron has discovered from Gollum that the One Ring is in the possesion of a creature called 'Baggins' in a land called 'Shire'. He has dispatched the Ringwraiths, who have found out where the Shire is and are now approaching it's borders. But the Shire is not unprotected. The Rangers of Arnor have long protected this peaceful land and will sell their lives to prevent the Nazgul from crossing into the Shire.

The scenario sees 9 Dunedain (plus reinforcements as the game goes on) trying to prevent 3 Ringwraiths from getting two of their number off the board and into the Shire. Being this far from Sauron's influence, the Ringwraiths are relatively weak, but 3 of them are still a formidable force.

When the figures are all ready I hope to post a full report on the battle.

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