Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Saga challenge complete!

Phew! That was a bit of work. I needed to prepare my 4 point Viking warband for a game this Thursday and was only able to work on it from Saturday... Due to using multipart plastics for most of the figures, it meant I effectively lost all of Saturday to gluing them together!

So that left me with Sunday, Monday night, Tuesday afternoon and tonight to finish them all! Well, you'l be happy to know I succeeded and, while not the best painted figures, they'll do for my purposes and I'd rather have them done for gaming than still be trying to paint the buckles on their belts!

Before I introduce you to them, I should say thanks to Pete who gave me the plastics, thereby saving me a small wad of cash and proving he is one of the most generous and kind natured wargamers I know! Well, either that or he really did hate the figures as much as he said... Thanks, mate!

Anyhow, on with the show....

8 Warriors (Plastics from Wargames Factory) 1 point. 
Warlord. Made up of two spare plastic warriors, but I may upgrade to a more 'warlordy' figure at some point.

8 Warriors (Plastics from Wargames Factory) 1 point. 

8 Hearthguard (Metal figures from Black Tree) 2 points

The whole motley crew. I'm content with that for a couple of day's work...

Side view to display my clumsily painted shield designs!

So that's it. I'm hoping they will do me proud on Thursday... The next question will be what to chose for the next 2 points worth. I'm thinking berserkers and another Hearthguard unit...

But for now it's on to the Normans....


  1. Nice looking force. You can always add bits to them later on.

    1. Thanks. (Are you never off the Internet?! :) )

  2. Fantastic blog, congratulations !