Saturday, 22 June 2013

Random roundup

Phew, where does time go?! Between this that and the other I haven't had much time for any kind of painting or gaming for ages, but am trying to scrape together a few moments to get various projects back on track.

I went and visited my parents for my Dad's birthday and Father's Day last weekend, which was a perfect excuse to get some DBA in! We played Rome (Dad) vs Carthage (Me) and the game went something like this:

1) The Carthaginian army approaches the Roman battle line.

2) Contact is made and a lengthy melee ensues

3) I lose really badly...
In my defense I was suffering from a really bad cold, which I had picked up the Friday before, but it was still a pretty poor show on my part...

In other news, my wife's Edward Monkton 'Madness Hamster' keyring broke. It was pretty old and battered by that point so it was not greatly mourned, but, being a wargamer who plays Hordes of the Things, I immediately thought "Oooh behemoth for my ratman army"...

One quick paint job later....
I thought it was a fun inclusion for when I want a 'less serious' kind of game.

To round up other events:

  1. I went back to the club after an absence of several weeks and had a good couple of games of Saga. I was planning on using my Normans, but illness prevented me from finishing them. On the other hand, playing again has spurred me to try and complete them.
  2. No pictures yet, but I now have a 15mm Dark Dwarf HotT army from Irregular. I will be reviewing this in the same style as the ratman army a while back.
  3. We saw World War Z a while back and, I have to say, very much enjoyed it. It seems a lot of the criticism seems to stem from it not being very closely tied to the books and also that it is only a 15 rating. Ultimately I would say it is less of a zombie film than 28 Days Later etc, but works better if you view it as a thriller rather than a horror film. It was certainly tense and exciting (although it helps if you overlook a few large plot holes!). Basically it made me want to play more zombie games with fast zombies, so I guess it did its job there!
  4. I have two more 'secret' projects on the go at the moment. Won't say much about them right now as it will probably just mean I lose focus on the things I need to finish first...
Right, better go. The postman just arrived and by the sound of things he has delivered my recent order from!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Ha the hamster is cool perhaps he needs viking helmet to protect his head though. Glad your feeling better theres nothing worse than being unwell for killing your mojo.

    1. That's a good idea! I'll keep an eye our for a hamster sized helmet! Definitely getting my mojo back now. Currently sitting in the man-cave gluing Norman knights together!

  2. Chris's Dad22 June 2013 at 17:02

    I think you let me win as it was Father's Day. I have hardly been able to beat you for years. Glad you are feeling better.

    1. I think it was a combination of your skill and my ineptitude at wrangling hefferlumps! Just a shame being ill made me too tired to play another game and have my revenge!

  3. Unfortunate result on the DBA game. But that Hamster looks fab! It would have me running FUR safety! ;-) (sorry, that was weak, or squeak if you like! hahaha)

    1. Just as well I love bad puns, mate!