Tuesday, 25 June 2013 Hooded Executioners

Sometimes some new figures come out which just inspire you and you have to get them! That's how I felt about the Hooded Executioners from

I did delay for as long as possible, but they just seemed to call to me. Partly because I figured they would be perfect Warband elements for my chaos forces in Hordes of the Things, but, as they come in a pack of sixteen, I can get 5 warband elements (3 per base) and have one left over.

What?! A left over figure, what's the use in that?!

Well, it gives me a groovy character to use in All Things Zombie!

I've been toying with using card makers for Magic The Gathering in order to create ATZ character cards (as many seem to do) and have just had a first attempt.

This is just a first draft, banged out in a couple of minutes, but I like how it is heading and it seems perfect for making character records for one off games.

For those of you interested, I used this free software:

Now, I just need to wait for the figures to arrive!


  1. I like the idea of making cards, but I dislike having them look like MTG cards. I'm currently working on drawing up my own graphics for SoBH cards.

    Also, if you go to and check the left side bar, you can repurpose some Skulldred unit cards (photoshop files, I believe.)

  2. Well, there are plenty of options and alternatives if you don't like the look. Doesn't make much difference to me, otherwise I'd probably make my own from scratch. Would be interesting to see your SoBH ones as I play that as well.

    Tried the Skuldred blog, but all the links seemed unavailable. Not sure the look is right for what I need. I prefer the large spaces for the image and any text I want.