Thursday, 4 July 2013

Small London Trip

Happened to be in London today with the wife and found a few moments around doing the essentials of the visit to pop into a couple of places. As we were looking for Forbidden Planet (I chose an unusal direction for our approach!) we came across the now in administration ModelZone. That was god as I managed to pick up a couple of paints at 30% off. Worth a trip if you are around there.

I also popped into Orcs Nest (as you have to do) and found they were selling Army Painter basing materials at £2.99 a tub, vs the £4.27 on the Army Painter website. Don't know how much of a bargain that was compared to other retailers, but it was good enough for me...

I also spend much of the train journey down ordering free samples of artifical grass thanks to this post on TMP. I think I ordered from 5 or 6 companies, so it will be interesting to see the results in a few days!

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