Monday, 1 July 2013

Why I love ATZ

I love All Things Zombie. I just want to be clear on that...

What the kids these days call an OMG moment...
Let me explain the above picture...

I decided to take The Mad Axeman out on his first trip. Nothing too strenuous. All he was planning on doing was clearing a rural area of a few zombies and claiming a farmhouse as a base of operations. Simple stuff really.

Set up: Only two zombies, placed 12cm away. 3 potential encounters placed behind cover at various points. With an Area Encounter Rating of 1 they would probably be nothing to worry about.

Turn 1: Zombies activate and move 6cm towards The Mad Axeman. He has failed his activation roll and apparently doesn't notice the threat.

Turn 2: Okay, slightly worried now. The Mad Axeman failed his activation roll again but the zombies didn't. That meant they could charge into combat. The charge rolls were not too great. No problem at the front, but the penalty for being charged from the rear meant the Axeman counted as unarmed against one attacker. Very luckily, the Axeman was able to knockdown both his opponents, although he didn't kill either.

Start of  Turn 3: Of all the things that could happen I roll a double 1. This was the only roll which could cause a random event in a rural area (i.e equal to or less than the Encounter Rating). The event roll results in a barking dog (clearly from the farm) run up to the Axeman, pursued by 4 more zombies (the other ones in the above picture).

Now to reroll the inititive dice and hope the Axeman can retreat!

But first I just had to write a quick blog post... This game is nuts and really throws up some interesting situations when you least expect it! 

UPDATE: Well, The Madaxman escaped the zombies. But he also twisted his ankle. He encountered a solitary civilian who emerged from the woods but clearly couldn't decide if she wanted to approach an axe wielding man dressed all in black. Finally something happened in the farmhouse which caused it to catch fire, rendering the whole reclamation of it as a base of operations pointless. 

Got to love how the narrative creates itself during play!


  1. It could have gone worse - at least he survived. That's often the best result you can hope for in games of ATZ!

    1. Indeed! Funny how a little bit of fate can change things... I've played the scenario exactly the same two more times and it has been a lot less eventful!