Friday, 18 July 2014

Slaughterloo Painting Challenge (0 days remaining) and a Prologue

Hurrah! I finished all my painting in time for the big game tomorrow and also managed to laminate my counters and reference sheets, as well as producing my command decks. I laid out the table as well tonight. Job done!

With that complete, I thought I would present a few pictures and my prologue to the game...

The Todoroni

Mayor Sapo Ranocchio
Sapo Ranocchio was not a happy Todoroni. All he really wanted was to enjoy the life of Mayor of his small town. Then war broke out near the border, which left him no other option than to run away as fast as possible. Of course, he wanted to take the town cannon with him, so 'as fast as possible' didn't amount to very much. Luckily the occupants of the nearby town fled for the hills the week before and he acquired two baby hippos to help pull what was, admittedly, a very tiny cannon.

The Town Cannon
Ranocchio was, however, very proud of his town militia. Their uniforms were sewn using the finest thread and the braiding and buttons shone wonderfully in the sun. They tended to interpret most commands as 'retreat', but that meant they usually went in the direction Ranocchio wanted to go in, so he didn't complain.

The Town Militia

A week or so ago, Ranocchio had a shock. He was advancing in the direction of least threat, when he came across the worst kind of Ferach general. One with something to prove to his fellows... While he feared death, like any self-respecting Todoroni he feared the pain of Ferach torture more and quickly submitted to the command of his 'superior'. He was now marching in the direction he least wanted to go in: toward Catalucia.

The Ferach
Antoine Pas-de-Cheval

Antoine Pas-de Cheval, had a lot to prove. His fear of horses meant he did much of his commanding on foot. His fear of horses also meant that most other Ferach leaders refused to take him seriously and much preferred to mock his attempts to achieve anything remotely like a victory on the field of battle. But although he was hardly a tactical genius, he was persistent. His efforts against the dogmen of Ostaria had done little except reduce his forces to well under a third of their original number. On the plus side, his Commander-In-Chief had been the victim of an 'unfortunate accident', so he was now very much in control.

He had heard much of the glory to be had in Catalucia, so Antoine gathered his army and headed in that general direction. A present his army consisted of a unit of Line Infantry, the remains of a Light Infantry unit and some L'Esprit du Garde Heavy Cavalry, who should really have known better then to follow an Elf who was scared of their preferred means of riding into battle.

Elf Line (I'm subbing in some Lights to make a full unit)
Chassuers a Pied

L'Esprit du Garde

Antoine was nearing Catalucia when he spied some Todoroni going in what was clearly the wrong direction. Plus, it looked like they mostly consisted of militia, which pleased Antoine as he needed some peasants to get shot instead of him and his Elves. It didn't take much persuading to convince them to come with him.

But more good fortune was just round the corner, soon after crossing the border, he made contact with another Ferach force. Not that that was the fortunate part. What was fortunate was that the light infantry orc sniper assumed the Elf on the horse was the commander, and the one talking to him on foot was not. A few seconds later, Antoine was now in command of an additional two units of Line Elves, a unit of Lancers and a proper cannon.

As he marched deeper into Catalucia, he felt there was nothing that could stop him achieving fame and glory...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, sir! The battle took place yesterday as planned and was a splendid affair! Full report and pictures in due course!

  2. Very cool, though I drool at the thought of eating frog legs of human proportion.

    1. Gosh! That thought had never crossed my mind. I'll have to paint some rabbit men and see if they make you equally peckish.

  3. Very good and thank you for all the entertainment during this project.


    1. You're welcome Tony. We had great fun playing the battle yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed the rules.

  4. Nice back stories to go with your collection. Good work.

    1. Thank you. It's one of the few projects that had me properly enjoying painting!