Sunday, 13 July 2014

Slaughterloo Painting Challenge (5 days remaining)

Good grief! 5 days left already. And I can scrap at least one of those due to needing to set up the table in advance.

But fear not, progress is being made and I am able to present some actual photos of completed figures!

First up, 6 Light Elf Infantry. As you can tell from the one in the front left, I have had to adopt a simpler basing strategy to expedite the process. The others were painted before the project started.

Here is the Todoroni General. As you may guess by his bemused expression, he doesn't really belong on the field of battle and is classed as 'Inept' under the rules (and no doubt by his Elf allies as well).

 It's fair to say, though, that you probably won't go far in Valon when you are in command of a force consisting mainly of militia. I love these figures! The front two ranks are actual militia, the rear rank is 4 Light Infantry doing militia duty for the game.

This is one of my favourite figures. The Light Infantrytoad  with his tongue sticking out. The Todoroni figures have such character to them.


These light Elves will be doing duty as Line Infantry in our game at the weekend. I didn't paint these. A friend spotted them at a show and kindly picked them up for me. They were all mounted on round bases, so I had to rebase and dip them. They come from an earlier Flintloque starter set.


Talking of which. here are Sharke's Rifles, the other half of the starter. I had to rebase these as well. I also had to repaint their skin as they had been painted in a more traditional orc-like hue! I'm not normally fussy about such things, but I do like my Flintloque orcs to be a fleshy colour.

I have 10 more Elves left, all painted, just needing basing. The Todoroni cannon is complete, bar basing, and the crew are being painted, along with the remaining Elf cavalry. Plenty left to do, but I am confident of success!