Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas Werewolves

I'm trying to make the most of my time at the moment, so when I start to plan my Christmas gaming activity I have to get started right away!

I've drafted the scenario I'm going to use and have decided it to make it available for anyone who is interested. Here is the link.

The setting is Colonial America, just before the FIW. There are rumours of werewolves in the woods and you need to lead your group of settlers through 3 linked scenarios, starting with an initial investigation and moving to a defence of your home, before ending with a final showdown against the head werewolf. 

The scenarios have been written for use with the "Long Rifle" rules by Two Hour Wargames. 

Next in the process is painting some settlers and Indians while waiting for the werewolves to arrive!


  1. It sounds as if it would be an exciting campaign - easy to get very involved in. I hope you have time for painting. Good luck.

    1. Thanks. It should be good for a bit of fun. If I get everything painted!