Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Wargamer Show 2014

The Wargamer Show was held today and I'm pleased to report it was jolly good fun. I didn't manage to make it last year, although I did the year before, and this was the first year at a new venue, which made it much more convenient for me to attend. Hurrah!

I was going to ride over, but I'm a bit groggy with cold at the moment and didn't fancy keeping an eye out for icy patches on 6mph country roads on my motorbike, so opted for the car instead. I only mention this as I arrived at about 11 and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of parking available. The venue itself was large enough to accommodate a show the size of The Wargamer Show and also had a canteen area available, although I didn't sample the food on this occasion.

There were a good selection of games put on by local clubs and plenty of traders. I had to seriously resist starting a few new projects! People were friendly, but I didn't feel well enough to engage too much with them. I was probably a proper grumpy sod!

Alas, I didn't feel up to taking pictures like the last time I attended, but I decided to take a few snaps of my haul, which I was very happy with!

I always find I don't have enough lichen for my table, so I picked up a bag of this, along with some flock as I am running dangerously low.

The always excellent Products for Wargamers were present and I had to seriously resist filling my bag up with goodies. But as I enjoy supporting them, I did at least manage to buy a couple of patches of rocky ground. Suitable for most of my projects and therefore an entirely justifiable purchase!

One of the traders, Magic Geek, I think, had a small selection of boardgames for sale, so I took the opportunity to add a little game to my collection. I've wanted the Space Hulk cardgame for a while now, so clearly it was fate that brought us together today!

Surprisingly, I had to search quite a bit for paints. Not that there weren't plenty available, but the trend these days seems to be for them to come in those pots where you drip them out into a palette. Now, while that is fine in principle, I'm not a big mixer and just like to dip my brush into the pot itself and get on with things! I've not heard of this particular brand before, but needed some browns, greys and a green for my FIW project, so picked up a few.

I've been resisting 4Ground for ages now, but finally succumbed! I took a look at their 15mm range and picked up a block house, some timber buildings and some snake fencing for my FIW project. Upon closer inspection, it appears the timber buildings are intended for Eastern Europe from 1700 onwards, so slightly the wrong continent... But as I don't see myself playing with anyone who will call me out on inaccurate wooden architecture I don't think I'm too bothered. I'm not enjoying the through of assembling the snake fencing, but the chap I bought the set from specifically mentioned they were good and told me they were easier to assemble than they appeared, so we shall see!

Finally, another fortuitous find. Though it has been a while (i.e. years) since I worked on my Starship Troopers project, I was chuffed to find the only two source books I am missing from my collection in a second hand book box, and in almost mint condition! Excellent!

So all in all a great show and a good haul!

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