Sunday, 14 December 2014

Doctor Who Advent: Day 17

It doesn't seem any time at all since I started opening this calendar, and here we are at day 17 already! It's been pretty good so far, so let's see if we get another good one after yesterday's dissapointing Cyberman!:


Another Silence! That's pretty good. I don't quite know how to practically use them in scenarios, but in sure there's a way!

Results so far:

Day 1: Blue Dalek
Day 2: Child-bearing Cyberman
Day 3: Shy Weeping Angel
Day 4: Tiny Zygon
Day 5: Red Dalek
Day 6: Skinny Silurian
Day 7: Well-proportioned Ood
Day 8: Unseemly Sontaran
Day 9: Lanky Silence
Day 10: Orange Dalek
Day 11: Diminutive Ice Warrior
Day 12: Twin Sister Angel
Day 13: Unlucky Zygon
Day 14: Second Silurian
Day 15: Duplicate Dalek
Day 16: Dissapointing Cyberman 
Day 17: The sound of Silence 

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