Friday, 5 December 2014

Doctor Who Advent: Day 9

So far I'd say 5 out of the 8 figures are usable, so if today can shift that statistic to 6 out of 9, that would be a very satisfactory two thirds of what I have for so far. Fingers crossed:

And the calendar comes through for me! A bit on the lanky side, but I've painted one of the Silence before and they look pretty good. So, a very pleasing success rate so far!

Results so far:

Day 1: Blue Dalek
Day 2: Child-bearing Cyberman
Day 3: Shy Weeping Angel
Day 4: Tiny Zygon
Day 5: Red Dalek
Day 6: Skinny Silurian
Day 7: Well-proportioned Ood
Day 8: Unseemly Sontaran
Day 9: Lanky Silence

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