Saturday, 4 April 2015

Christmas Project Complete!

It's been a while since I've been able to post much of anything on my blog. The demands of fatherhood are many and varied so much of my energy over the last 6 months has been exerted elsewhere. But I've been making the most of minutes snatched here and there to progress my various projects. It's just that this level of activity doesn't lend itself to being posted about on a blog!

However, this week I am happy to say I have managed to compete my 2014 Christmas project, and only 4 months late! do an excellent seasonal range of figures, only available over the festive period. Last year they added evil snowmen to the killer Christmas Trees from 2013 and I ended up deciding that I could use these as a decent basis for a Hordes of the Things army. So I bought a pack of each of them plus a Wraith on winged mount ( It's a bad pun you see... Christmas Wraith... Christmas Wreath... Never mind...). 

The pack of Christmas Trees gave me 5 elements of Beasts:

The snowmen pack provided 4 bases of Warband (you get some rifle-armed snowmen, but these I kept for modern horror games):

I picked the Wraith as it made up the points required for a typical HotT army and it fitted in okay with the theme:

Here's the army assembled and ready for battle:

One thing I like about the way sell these packs is that each year I'll get a surprise new type of element to add to the army! 

So, having assembled the various elements it was time to test them on battle! Emerging from the winter wastes, the army first encountered the ratmen of the highland regions. This was a similar match up, with both sides having several stands of beasts and warband. 

The armies arrayed for battle!

A fierce melee in the centre of the table.

The Ratman line begins to break, leaving their general vulnerable.

The Ratman general falls just before his beasts can make contact
All in all it was a good little game. The main conflict was in the centre, with much to-ing and fro-ing between the warbands. The Wraith was able to fly behind the Ratman lines and pick off the odd exposed element, which helped. On the Ratman army's left flank the wolves managed to drive off the Xmas Trees, leaving them in a position to move to the centre and confront the snowmen, but it was too late by that point.

I'm loving these new figures and I look forward to finding out in Autumn what will be the next release!

More battles in posts to follow this one.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome as always.


  1. These look great, well done.


    1. Thanks for that, Tony! I enjoyed painting them. Next up is a battle against a more challenging foe!

  2. Great work Chris. Thanks for putting it up. Expect me to post about it come Xmas Season once more this year when we expand again the Seasonal Range. I wish you many victories.


    1. Thanks, Gavin. I'm very much looking forward to the new offering later in the year. Keep an eye on my blog for more battle reports soon!