Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Diversion

Many years ago (and by that I mean 15-20) I received a Lego X-Wing for Easter. It was a pretty awesome Easter gift then and is even more awesome now! Better yet, I still own the kit so thought what better to blog about today than a Lego-building trip back to my youth?

Here's the box:

And the bits (hope they are all there!):

After a few minutes of work I have assembled the maintenance vehicle:

I imagine when I was younger I would have balked at the idea of having to complete this vehicle first, before the 'main event'!

And here's the X-Wing!:

It's a very cool model and only took 20 mins to half an hour to build. Luckily all the bits were there! Now I have built it again, I think I'll have to find somewhere suitable to display it. 

So thanks to my parents for getting this for me all those years ago, and happy Easter!

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