Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First Post

Welcome to my blog. This is an attempt to get myself into gear and really start working on all those wargames projects I have on the go. At the moment they are languishing at various states of incompleteness, but I hope that creating a record of my endeavours will help me to become more productive.

I will also blog about boardgames and give reports on gaming sessions. I might also post reviews of games I own or buy in the future. Aside from all the above, there might be the occasional rant or comment on the state of the gaming world in general. So keep checking back!

Below is a list of my current projects, with the ones nearer the top being of higher priority for me at the moment:

15mm Late Medieval
28mm WW1
28mm Ancients
28mm Pirates
28mm Victorian SF
28mm Steampunk
15mm Sci Fiction
15mm Colonial
6mm Sci Fiction
Sci Fi Space
28mm Vikings
15mm Africa
28mm Star Wars

As you can see I have a lot of ongoing things. My top priority is to complete two DBA armies, Wallachian and Ottoman Turks. Given that I have had these since my birthday last October, it is entirely shameful that I haven't finished them! Hopefully this blog will help put an end to that...

So that's a brief introduction. Hopefully I'll have more to post about soon.

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