Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Painting points

Various wargames bloggers seem to be using the idea of 'painting points' to measure the progress of their projects. This seems like a good idea to me, so I'm going to use my own version. Measuring output in terms of points which can be compared over the months will probably be a good motivator.

Unlike others, though, I'm going to be breaking things down into steps, with each step being worth one or more points. This means that I will still feel some achievement when I undercoat some miniatures in a few spare minutes!

So I think I will use the following:

25/15mm undercoated - 1 pt
15mm painted - 1 pt
25/15mm based - 1 pt
25mm painted - 2 pts
6mm (one base or vehicle) fully painted and based - 1 pt

Cavalry count as double points. 1x for horse, 1x for rider.

So by this reckoning I earned myself 8 points last night for the basing of my 15mm Wallachian DBA elements. I'm not going to award points based on the number of figures on each stand as this would be blatantly cheating!

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