Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painting Challenge. 2 days remaining

Some progress made today. All of the figures are now at least undercoated. Some more work done on the infantry elements and most of the horses painted.

However... the big error of the day came to light when I noticed that my small pot of black paint was in fact gloss paint... I had undercoated most of the cavalry before I realised. I checked to see if they were dry and noticed they were more shiny than they should be.

Nothing to be done about it at this point. It isn't so bad once other paint is put on, but it is annoying. I'm also running low on dark brown. Hopefully there will be time tomorrow to go to the shop to pick up more paint.

I hope to complete a lot more of the painting tomorrow. That will leave time on Monday for making sure they are based and varnished.