Monday, 9 January 2012

First post of 2012

Well, here we are in 2012 and I am happy to say that I am holding firm and have not made any purchases recently (except for a book on Roger's Rangers, but that doesn't count!). I almost failed though! Something got hold of me and I put a large spread of 99p bids on various eBay auctions, but luckily I was out bid on all of them!

Other things I managed to avoid:

I paid a visit to the Saxon hoard at Staffordshire ( over Christmas. Naturally this made me want to start Dark Ages gaming, specifically I was thinking about the Saga rules by Gripping Beast and some nice 28mm figures (which I kind of promised I would stop collecting for cost and space reasons...). But this desire was put on hold when...

... I watched an episode of a programme about Yellowstone National Park. Okay, no harm in that you might think... But the American scenery (well, certain parts of it) always makes me think of The Last of the Mohicans, which always makes me want to game the French and Indian War... I actually decided that "This Very Ground" by Iron Ivan would be a great set of rules and, as not too many figures are required, I could do it in 28mm again...

Luckily I managed to ground myself after Christmas and settled for starting work on my Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition... Phew...

So what have I got lined up for the year?

Warhamer 3rd Edition: As I mentioned above, I am painting a small Skaven army and also an Empire force. Now I typically have very little time for Games Workshop, but their older rules still appeal to me and I have a lot of figures from when I used to play Warhammer Quest, so I figure why not?!

The Great War: I'm determined to get all my 28mm WW1 painted this year so I can have a bash at these rules. I don't have too many figures for the period yet, so it should be a manageable project

Zombies: Ah yes, what would life be like without some zombies in it?! I want to finish off my current store of 15mm figures from Rebel Minis and play both All Things Zombie and No More Room in Hell, so I can decide which of these rule sets I prefer. I'm working on a 15mm urban environment which is coming along quite nicely too.

I think these will be the big ones that I really want to see progress on this year. Of course there are always other little side projects... I want to play some more pirate games and work on my Lord of the Rings campaign. I also retrieved my copy of the original Star Wars rules from West End Games over Christmas and just flicking through brought back some good memories of my childhood, so I'd like to do that too.

It will be interesting too look back in a few months and see what progress I have actually made on the above!

So, I'd like to finish by wishing you all the best for your own projects this year and hope you have a very happy 2012!


  1. This made me laugh :)

    I heard on the radio today that today (the 9th) is the most likely day that all new years resolutions are abandoned.

    And that was a close call with eBay. I think you need to enable the child protection on your computer and add eBay to the restricted URL's!

    My 'don't use eBay' plan centred around doing a one year set of 'accounts' on eBay, to see how much I've spent and how much I've made in sales. Then I show the difference to my wife. If she doesn't hit the ceiling (or me), then I can use eBay for another year...

  2. Pleased it was good for something, Gaj! :)

    The trouble is that I have the eBay app on my phone. Trust me, I'd be on it a lot less if I had to access it via computer!

    Hope your 'eBay permit' has extended into 2012! :)