Thursday, 26 January 2012

Small Armies

Well, it appears my new painting routine is finally proving to be a good idea. I have actually managed to paint two small armies (i.e. 300-400 points and definitely not 'legal' under the rules) for Warhammer 3rd Edition. Hurrah!

First up, the retinue of Baron Gustav. He rules over a small and somewhat embarrassing barony, even his three knights are on loan from a relative. But still, he is prepared to defend his property to the death, which may well occur this Saturday...

All of these figures are actually plastics from the old Battle Masters game by MB Games. The only exception is Baron Gustav, who is the Imperial Noble hero figure from Warhammer Quest.

So far Gustav has seen little threat to his domain. After all, it isn't really worth fighting over. But that is all about to change...

Skreelulz, the runt of his litter, has got a rather large chip on his shoulder and a sack load of the Skaven equivalent of teenage angst. Mocked all his life for his small size and poor constitution, he has finally had enough. Fortunately for him, he is not altogether unintelligent and can command some respect from those who are not related to him. As such, he has built up a small force and intends to use it to prove himself. One night, he sneaks into the clan armoury and steals some armour and a hefty looking weapon (which he can just about lift). Thus equipped, Skreelulz leads his army towards a foe he believes will not prove too much to handle, and whose death will not bring the might of the Empire down on his head...

The giant rats and Skaven Clanrats are plastics from the Warhammer Quest game. The rest are older GW figures, most of which I have had for years but not got round to painting until now...

I hope to play a battle on Saturday and then get back to the grindstone, adding to each force for a followup game.

Incidentally, I should give some credit to Gaj, whose blog has really inspired me to get stuck in to the whole old school Warhammer thing. You can check it out here.


  1. Well done. Not really my kind of thing but I like the Empire figures. Look forward to hearing how the battle goes.

  2. Thanks. If you tell me what your sort of thing is, I'll try to include more of it in the future!

  3. Awesome dude. Glad to see it's really working out for you!

  4. Thanks! I'm hoping I'll see the same kind of effect on my WW1 backlog, among other things!

  5. Bloody hell, man! I don't understand how you guys do it. You just say, 'Hmmm, today I will paint up some stuff, you know,,,nothing serious, just a little here and there.' And then you end up with 66 painted figures and a cannon!

    I've had my blog for a year and I've only done about 40!

    I know you mentioned a production line, but it wasn't supposed to be so effective. I hate* you...

    Cheers for the link and the support, by the way - I'm thrilled to see the ever expanding little world of warhammer. Hopefully your rate of production will serve to inspire me!

    Oh - and two words: Battle Report.

    *but don't let that stop you - keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks, Gaj! Can't quite believe you took the time to count all the figures. ;)

    I'm hoping to play my first WFB3 game today and produce a battle report soon. In the meantime I might post something about my painting philosophy in case people find it interesting!