Friday, 20 January 2012

Oh dear...

Well.... I managed to last just over a month on my promise. But I caved and bought something yesterday. Of course, it is all eBay's fault for being such a great place to buy second hand miniatures, nothing to do with me at all really. But I still feel bad.

Well, not that bad... I only spent 99p (plus postage) and it was on an old Skaven Packmaster which I actually need for my Skaven army to keep my Rat Ogre and Giant Rats in line. So at least it isn't the start of a new project or a pile of figures I won't ever paint.

But I just wanted to come clean to you all. Much easier than explaining the packet to my fiancee. But then, the usual will happen, which is that I'll make a massive thing about it, she'll ask how much I spent, I'll say 99p and she'll laugh at me. So it isn't that bad.

I leave you with a picture of the culprit.


  1. Hah! That's the way you do it. Tell her you only spent 99p - just don't tell her you spent 99p 99 times...

    That's a nice figure. Also, re: your prior evidence post - well done, the production line is moving along swimmingly. Tell us about that plastic castle you have in the background?


  2. I'm sure she will understand the need to spend 99p on a figure mate! lol

  3. Thanks, chaps!

    BrummyLad: As you know, that is the least of the things she has to understand to put up with me! lol

    Gaj: I'm hoping to post more on the subject soon: I have finished 12 clanrats, 9 stormvermin, a skaven champion, 6 night runners, 6 Empire halberdiers and 3 Empire bowmen. More to follow soon. I'm just about to finish 12 giant rats, so I really need to focus on the Empire now!

    The plastic castle/tower is from the old Battle Masters game from MB games (see it in action here: In fact all my Empire figures are plastics from that game. I got an old set second hand some years back and also look out for the figures on eBay as they sometimes go cheap there. They are not the greatest figures, but they'll do me. I'm sure you'l see my painted examples soon!