Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Grave Situation...

Apologies for the terrible pun. I have recently acquired a rather nice little product from Fantascene ( Despite a name which sounds like they are purveyors of the type of magazines and videos best carried in a brown paper bag, they are in fact a husband and wife team who produce and sell wargames terrain.

I came across them on another blog (sorry, don't have the link, but if the author reads this, please post it in the comments section) and just had to try it out. £4 for a gravestone set, plus £3 to have the hard work of painting done for me. £7 puts it into the 'worth a shot' category. There was a delay of a couple of weeks due to a backlog of painting orders, but the company did email me to apologise and inform me of this, so no real problem there. All in all I am very happy and look forward to buying other products from them in future.

I bought these as I need a graveyard terrain feature for my planned Doctor Who scenario. I tested a set up and put it into comic format using the wonderful Comic Life software. Here are the results (click to enlarge and zoom in):

Credits (in their own section as I always forget to include them!):
Doctor and Sarah-Jane Figures - Black Tree,
Weeping Angels - Doctor Who Adventures Magazine,
Walls - Games Workshop,
Cardstock Church - Wizards of the Coast (free from their website).


  1. LOL. They look great and for £7.00 bargain! Great little comic strip look forward to part 2

  2. I think so. They work really well with the rest of my terrain set up, so that's a bonus.

    I have to say the comic was just done to show the terrain. I didn't really intend to actually do a part 2. Just wanted to have a TV series cliffhanger feel to it. But you never know... If the demand is there... :)

  3. Superb Chris, will definitely have to go and have a closer look at them. Love the cartoon strip - is that a special bit of software?

    1. Thanks, Michael. I used Comic Life to make the comic, although it is a quick job in this case. The software is capable of a lot more than this example demonstrates! You can get a free trial, but be warned, you will probably want to buy it afterwards!

  4. Replies
    1. There is! Quite unexpected! :)

  5. Just seen this Chris.Glad you like the graves and you have a done job with the "comic book" storyline!
    Geoff and Dani.