Monday, 11 February 2013

Test Page

So, I'm slowly gearing up to kick off a campaign of The Department. I think I have enough figures either painted or almost painted for it and have started to think about the 'mood' of the setting. I want to use Comic Life still, but would like to aim for a different tone compared to my fantasy game reports. So far, I have come up with this:

I quite like the black and white images with a little 'splash of colour' here and there. I am currently painting a handful of 'men in suits' which I will probably use for the main character(s).

I also want to get some regular police officers and riot police as these can serve a dual role in both The Department and my zombie games. But I'm getting off track!

Although the above pictures were posed purely for the photos, they nature of the game means it should lend itself well to this kind of narrative approach. I look forward to presenting more reports from this game soon.


  1. Looking good! I've been meaning to try The Department too, but have been put off by the character sheet and lack of terrain. Getting closer though.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, mate! Try not to let the character sheet put you off. After all, you are only running one or two characters, so it ends up being less to keep track of than, say, an army list.

      As for the terrain, the rules go over rough ground effects and light/heavy cover, so various combinations of the two should enable the use of most terrain that you want. That said, the urban environment probably precludes the use of hills, forests etc in most instance. In short, the times I have played it has never been a problem!

      Hope this helps encourage you to play it!