Sunday, 10 February 2013

Warhammer Battle Report

After a period of painting, I thought it was about time I got the lead on the table and played a game of Warhammer. Those of you who follow the blog may know that, while I am a fan of 3rd Edition, I grew up around the time of 4th (although I never played at the time) and it is the images of the warmachines and miniatures from the time that really attracted me. So, having painted my 1990s Doomwheel, I thought it fair to give it a run around the table....

What I learnt:
  1. 4th Edition gives a fun playable game (assuming you are not looking to field tournament-style armies or find stupid magic item combos I guess)
  2. I really should have remembered the march move option earlier in the game...
  3. Don't waste time deploying your toughest unit behind a forest, even if it is meant to be a story-telling flanking/ambush move!
  4. I must make movement trays, even if they are just card painted green. Moving the figures probably doubled the length of the game, which was a bit irritating.
  5. I need to paint a lot more Skaven...
All in all it was a very fun game, although I wish the Doomwheel hadn't been killed by such a lucky shot: 4+ to hit the warmachine, a 6 to hit the driver, 4+ to wound... Ah well, it made for a fun incident at the very least!


  1. LOL Great batrep. Typical Skaven cunning.

    1. Thanks, Simon.

      Yeah, I'm a fan of the rats myself!

  2. Super, lovely to see some warhammer happening here. I seem to be inadvertently collecting some 4th ed orcs & goblins: I know what you mean about growing up in this era. Loved the little buggers, even if the game was awful. Unfortunately, the boys'll have to live in the lead pile for another decade or so before I get to them...

    1. Thanks Gaj. I find 4th meets my needs perfectly really. Still, I'd have been playing with 3rd if converting 4th Ed Army lists didn't seem like a chore.