Friday, 28 January 2011

Set Up: The Hunt Begins

Finally managed to play the first scenario and edit the pictures for the report. You will be able to tell by the quality of the arrows that I really need to get some decent image editing software. I would have expected paint to allow you to rotate arrows, but it appears not, so for the time being my hand drawn ones will have to do!

The table:
The terrain for the game represents an area close to the Brandywine river, on the outskirts of the Shire. It is lightly wooded, with a couple of hills and some rough terrain, broken up by scattered bushes.

The Set Up:

The three Ringwraiths enter from the left of the table, while the Dunedain set up on and around the hill at the centre of the board.

In order for the Ringwraiths to win the scenario, they need to move at least 2 of their number off the oposite edge of the table.

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