Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Hunt Begins: Turn 4

1) The Witch King uses the 'Black Dart' magic power to kill the Dunedain left with no fate at the end of last turn. Both the Nagul try and slip round the group of Dunedain, deciding that it is better to focus on the objective rather than get bogged down in a fight they could well loose.

2) The lone Nazul continues to advance and is engaged by 3 Dunedain. Despite the odds, a roll of a 6 and a higher fight value means that the Nazgul beats off his attackers, although fails to wound one of them.

3) The scenario special rules allow for Dunedain who have been killed to move back on the table as reinforcements, if a die roll for a figure is a 6. A roll of double 6 means that both the Dunedain can be brought back on!

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