Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Hunt Begins: Turn 6

1) In another shocking omission of annotation, I failed to show that two of the Dunedain failed their courage checks to charge the Witch King. The other two made it into combat, however. One used a point of Might to modify his attack roll to win the fight, but didn't succeed in wounding.

2) Although the Nazgul loses the fight, with 4 dice being rolled to his one, he is unscathed. Spear armed troops are able to support allies in combat. If a friend is in base combat with an enemy, a spear armed ally can add one attack if they are in contact with that ally, without needing to contact the enemy themselves. Hence the Dundain as pictured roll a total of 4 dice, even though only two are in contact with the Nazgul. In this kind of situation there is an added benefit of supporting figures not counting as attacking. So once the first two Dunedain are in contact, the two with spears do not need to make courage rolls before they move.

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