Thursday, 23 February 2012

Doctor Who Project

Well, I have felt the need recently for a more light hearted project where I am not trying to build big armies or paint a whole load of figures. Pressures in other parts of my life have led me to want a more relaxing game to work on. So I am pleased to announce my Doctor Who project!

I have written a 3 player scenario which will involve a search for an alien artifact, the rescue of hapless civilians and the presence of multiple non-player game-controlled alien forces. In short, chaotic and fun. I'm using the full event deck from the miniatures game, but also a scenario specific event deck of my own nefarious devising. It will all be kicking off big style. At least, that's the idea!

But let's start off slow... A couple of orders from Black Tree have arrived and I thought I'd start off small (sorry for the poor lighting):

K-9 will be one of the companions the Doctor player can select at the start of the game. Which Doctor? Well, let's just say I have selected a series of companions appropriate to my chosen Doctor, of which K-9 is just one.

Next up a few more Weeping Angels, from the Doctor Who Adventures Magazine, who may or may not be making an appearance in the game:

I'm a bit happier with these than my previous effort, but that might be due to basing them differently...

Finally (and randomly illuminated by flash...).... maggots from the story The Green Death:

And where are these from? Well, I searched far and wide for my perfect maggot...

Whoever Frank Warwick is, his fake maggot endorsement sold me on these bad boys. They are dead squishy, but paint up okay I think. Plus they actually scale pretty well with 28mm figures, looking similar to this:

So these maggots may be making an appearance in my game as well....

That's all for now, but stay tuned as there is plenty more to come.


  1. All: Depending on how I view this post, one or both of the last two pictures are not visible. It might be because I copied and pasted them instead of uploading them normall. Let me know if you can't see them and I will correct this.


  2. Sorry! - the last 2 pics are not there - only white!

  3. Nice to see some classic Who episodes referenced on the table top. I used to have a sizable Harlequin Dr Who range back in the '90s. Your work tempts me into buying up some more!

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks! I was thinking of a way to fit Azal in too, but thought it might be pushing things a little! Looking forward to building my collection and playing through some of the classic Doctor scenarios.

  5. Excellent work Chris! I can't believe you sourced imitation maggots, they look superb.

    1. Thanks Michael. More are currently being worked on! I still need to source decent giant flies though!

  6. Maggots! Love them! Well done!

  7. Thanks, Zombie Ad. I'm going to have an update soon with additional maggots and some flies!