Monday, 13 February 2012

Generic Welcome Post!

Well, I have now reached the milestone of 20 whole followers, plus two that show up in the figures, but nowhere else.

So welcome to those who have joined recently. I hope I will post things that you find entertaining!

Out of curiosity, which of the following would you be most interested to read about?:

  • Fantasy (Warhammer 3rd Edition, Lord of the Rings)
  • Zombies (All Things Zombie, No More Room in Hell)
  • Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Rogue Trader, Star Grunt, Epic 40K)
  • Pirates (Flashing Steel)
  • World War 1 (The Great War)
  • Victorian Sci-Fi (GASLIGHT)
I could list a load more, but I'm going to try and stick to games where I have both rules and figures readily available! That said, I'm sure I've forgotten a couple... I will be covering everything in its own time, but I'm always thinking about what is next and this might give me some focus! Thanks!


  1. Fantasy! Fantasy! Fantasy!

    Sci-fi! Sci-fi! Sci-fi!

    You forgot DBA... ;-)

  2. So is that three votes for each of those?!

    I knew someone was going to mention DBA, and you were high on my list of candidates! However I'm not in a rush to buy more armies and I don't think I have anything special to say about it, although I do like the game of course. :)

  3. It sure is! There can be more, if you like? lol

    No, I'm "going off" it at the moment. With so many other things going on, it's hard to see where it fits in. :-D Although I still have about 9 armies to paint for it! :-(

    Still, Star Wars, Warhammer, SOBH, and LOTR SBG will do nicely! lol

  4. Hi!

    Im more than happy to peruse anything you post but am especially interested in old school GW stuff like Warhammer 3rd edition, Rogue Trader and Epic!

    All the best!

  5. Hi! Thanks for your input! Looks like I'd better get stuck back into my fantasy painting then. :) I'm almost done with my latest batch of zombies and civilians, so I'll certainly make sure to get back to the Warhammer after that! It's good motivation for me!


  6. Or you could just do what YOU want!!!! lol Or games we're going to play... ;-) he he he

  7. The trouble is, I want to do it all! I need some kind of filter!!