Thursday, 9 February 2012

Uh oh!

Okay, so it had to happen at some point, but I have become more than a little distracted by my zombie gaming plans...

My kind sister got me some Rebel Minis zombies, gangers and civilians for my last birthday and, as you can see, I quickly based them this evening. The undercoated figures are 'irish hitmen', or 'guys in suits who happen to have a pistol to hand in the event of the zombie apocalypse', as they will be known in my games. They were from my previous order consisting of zombies and SWAT team members (already painted). So plenty to be getting on with!

On the left you can see my current Warhammer production line. Slow but sure. It isn't being forgotten about, let me assure you.

As I type this I am being slightly overcome by fumes from my latest Poundland acquisition:

Perfect (and cheap!) industrial vehicles for my urban environment. For some reason they smell just like the London Underground, but for £1 each I don't mind too much. I'm thinking about converting the middle one to look something like the Dead Reckoning from Land of the Dead:

A perfect vehicle for zombie hunting. Provided you can find the fuel of course.

So there you have it, a small update about what is going on in the man-cave at present.

Thanks for reading! Comments welcome as always.


  1. Is the pound store (and gifts from relatives) becoming a way of getting around your ebay commitment? ;)

  2. Well, gifts from relatives never count! And this was back in October, so really I'm just working to clear my backlog!

    Poundland... well, there is no harm in that! Cheaper than eBay (no postage costs!) and less temptation (often doesn't have anything I would want). So it works out okay really! The only downside is having to find a reason why I have bought more toy cars when people at work ask me what's in my bag!

  3. Indeed! It appears both our recent posts are straying somewhat from the Warhammer goals we've set ourselves!

  4. At least mine is somewhat remotely related, being the same company! !! hahaha! I should have my Elves up this week.

  5. Excellent. I could say that at least my Warhammer project is visible in the photo. Haha